Hauka Fair

Hauka Fair 2016 thanks all participants!

See you in less than a year: 12-13. August 2017

Management team


The Tax and Customs Board plans to visit Hauka Fair on 13-14 August to receive confirmation of the registration of employees of companies providing services and goods at the event in the employment register. The broader purpose of the visit is to reduce infringements related to the employment register and to support equal competition between companies.

As the organizers of the fair, we recommend that all participants of the Hauka Fair familiarize themselves with the requirements related to the registration of their employees (incl. Volunteers) and perform all the necessary actions related to it.

Additional information on employee registration is available on the MTA website or by calling 8800810.

See you at the Hauka Fair Fair


A study on the attendance of Hauka Laada was completed on 7-9. August 2015 The study was performed on the basis of data collected by passive mobile positioning. Within Estonia, one outgoing call operation, SMS or data communication use was taken into account, and foreigners also received an incoming call.

This study does not claim to be 100% true, but it does give an idea of ​​some of the magnitudes that are constantly being asked of us.