Impact Of Scent On Gambling

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People do not have to put any effort to get attracted to gambling touted as a vice, the game of chance entrances everyone with its glamour and fascinates them to include it in their lifestyles. Many factors influence the human mind to make gambling pleasurable, such as music, ambience, and scent.

One study led by MIT suggested that players spend more time on slot machines when they release a C and have a calming effect on players making them stay for a long while. However, This article explores the impact of smell on the gambling behaviour of people.


Casinos- A unique business model

While the rest of the businesses depend on people making more money, casinos operate to the contrary. Casinos flourish when people lose money and this comes with challenges. To make them stay and play more, casinos do not have any clock or windows for people to get an idea of time and with it their money.

Scent marketers continue to research and develop scents that induce gambling behaviour in people. The purpose is to ignite the desire and make them addicted to the thrill of gameplay so that they are compelled to play even after they have lost their money, accessories, and sometimes, whatever they are wearing.

Casino design is a complex process in which architects devise a floorplan, ambience, interior designing and many more things to encourage players to stay and trigger dopamine to ensure they get the thrill for which they have come.

The use of scents and fragrances in casinos was widespread in earlier days to dispel the foul odour of liquor and smoke. Today, most casinos are now smoking-free zones for ensuring the health of both active and passive smokers.

Now casinos have identified music, lighting, and smell to be driving factors of their revenue. The smell could make nostalgic and people get drawn to the scent.

The influence of music in casinos

A study conducted on 1000 people suggested that smell was able to trigger feelings of the past in 86% of the population.

music in casinos

The founder of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, Alan Hirsch, led a study to find out the role of smell in casinos. It was found that a distinct but faint smell released by Las Vegas slot machines induced longer playing hours in the people. It contributed to generating 50% more revenue. He claimed that smell acts like an aphrodisiac and induced people to gamble more aggressively for a longer time.

Mental Dominance, a book by Ha-ha Lung and Christopher Prowant suggest the role of scent in the Las Vegas Hilton. The book suggests the floral scent at Las Vegas Hilton induces people to spend more time gambling and staying in the casino. other studies conducted over time have suggested that distinct aromas work on player’s psyche and leaves a subtle but powerful impact on their gambling behaviour.  Some casinos increase the intensity of odour on Saturdays including people to make more wagers.

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